Thanksgiving Prep Time!



Now, it’s been a few days and I messed up my daily logging during Body Revolution.  I considered backtracking and writing for each day but honestly, things are going way too fast for that.  So, let’s begin anew, shall we?

Last Wednesday I met with my Nutritionist and our focus was Thanksgiving.  Every year for the last, I don’t know, ten years or so I have failed miserably and not controlling how much I eat.  Part of the problem is that I go home and stay too long and the longer I stay the harder it is for me to keep up my “normal” eating habits and of course the other part of the problem is – ALL THAT FOOD!

So here’s my plan for this Thanksgiving:

  1.  The goal is to have only three days of what I’m going to call “slight overeating”.  Which means that I’m definitely not going to hit my 1400 calorie goal (not that I’ve been doing so great on that anyway) but I will be mindful of what i’m eating and attempt to not have 3rd and 4th servings of things.
  2. I was originally planning on leaving Friday and coming back on November 30th which would’ve been 10 days at home.  Way too long.  So I shortened that to leaving on Tuesday and coming back Monday. Much better.
  3. Even though I’m going home tomorrow night, I’m going to consider the “holiday” to not start until Thursday so Tuesday and Wednesday will be regular days.
  4. I’m packing all dress to wear and I’m going to wear control top tights with them every day so the control top will remind me that I can’t stuff myself when I’m eating. me shopping
  5. As soon as I get home I’m going to go straight to Target and buy hand weights so that I can continue my workouts at my parents’ house just like I did when I visited my brother a few weeks ago.
  6. After Target, I’m going straight to the grocery store to get my normal morning breakfast supply and a few other items like Unsweetened almond milk so that I don’t waste calories on anything unnecessary.
  7. As far as the actual day of Thanksgiving goes.   I’m going to eat a normal breakfast and skip lunch and then have a “slightly” larger dinner at Thanksgiving. I’ve thought about what I know is going to be on the table and I’ve already mentally said “No” to a few things:
    1. Macaroni and cheese-  Dont’ want to waste my dairy points on that – save it for dessert
    2. All bread – never really satisfies me so why go there
    3. Any potatoes – not a huge fan
  8. So dinner for me should consist mainly of meet and stuffing and greens.  Not too bad as long as I use portion control.  I am trying to keep in my head my memory of last year and I actually forced myself to eat more than I wanted b/c I had put it  on my plate . Not this year!  I am going to plate small and if I truly feel hungry plate again but keep it all super small and remember that I just want the taste of those foods. I’m not trying to hibernate off of it!hibernating
  9. I’m going to keep up my workouts every day just as I’ve been doing with Monday as my day off which means I’ll workout every day that I’m home and have off on the days that I”m traveling back and forth.  Perfect. me_working out
  10. I’m going to focus on family.  Spending time with all of my loved one – talking with them, chatting it up, visiting all the people that won’t be at the actual dinner.  I’m going to focus on that as my main priority and not eating.

So that’s my plan?  What’s your plan?   Hopefully we’ll meet up here in a week and be able to share in each other’s victories.  We don’t have to ruin our diets this Thanksgiving!


p.s.  In addition to not blogging everyday I also didn’t journal so there is no log of my food for these past 5 days.  My apologies.  Back on it tomorrow.

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