My Plan of Attack

Hello Again.  Hopefully you’ve read my intro and you know why I’m doing this weight loss blog.

So what is my plan of attack to lose weight this time?

As I said in my intro, the main problem I have is portion control.  You can eat as healthy as you want but at the end of the day, too many calories is too many calories.  To start, my goal is to hit 1500 calories consistently everyday.  For a frame of reference I am hitting 1800-2200 a day right now.  This should provide enough deficit to lose.  How will I do this:

1.  I will enter my food into my Fitbit tracker every day at the beginning of the day.  I pretty much know what I’m going to eat for my main meals every day (exceptions: weekends at restaurants).  I’ve recently discovered that if I journal my meals ahead of time then I know how many calories I have left and there is less chance for a surprise.  Previously (especially on weekends), I was eating and writing down after the fact.  Inevitably I would look up and find myself over the calorie goal -surprise, surprise.  Journaling ahead of time allows me to see how it’s all going to play out and make adjustments if there is something I want to eat or if I feel like I might get hungrier later.

2.  More protein.  I am less hungry between meals when I eat a significant amount of protein.  So that’s my focus.  More protein.

3.  Eat at a table. This may sound simple but it’s actually one of the most important tips I’ve learned.  I learned this from my current nutritionist.  Eating at a table makes me acknowledge my meal; acknowledge that I am eating and that it counts.  And when I’m done, I make a conscious decision to stop eating until the next meal.  No more walking around with my hand in a bag, endlessly eating until it’s empty.

4.  Incorporate the lessons in Better Than Before, by Gretchen Rubin.  I am writing a review of this book in a later post.  I was very inspired by this book and I think that her tips will really help me lose the weight. My plan is to go through each one on this blog and discuss results.  I’m starting that process here.

5.  I am going to experiment with the idea that certain foods do not agree with me.  This is called food intolerance.   I am going to follow the JJ Virgin Diet – 21 day elimination plan to see if I should be abstaining from those foods altogether for better weight loss results and overall health.

5.  Every strategy I consider will be evaluated to see if I think I can stick with it.  I won’t even attempt a new strategy if I don’t honestly think it’s something I can keep up forever. It’s one thing to form a habit and then work at keeping it in place but if I can’t even see myself sticking to it from the beginning then it’s doomed to fail. This is the most important rule of all!

6.  Finally, the results.  I will measure results based on inches lost and visual pictures.   I have been scale obsessed my whole life and so I am trying something new this time.  I will base results only on inches lost;by how I feel; and by how I look in my clothes.

Wish me luck!

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