This week on Foodloveme/Foodhateme: Tell Me Your “Why”

Body Revolution Day 35 – October 12, 2015

Tell me your why

It’s Rest Day.  While I take my much needed rest, I sit here thinking about the past few days.  I got my wisdom tooth pulled, I got cosmetic surgery that rendered me unable to bite into anything as well as a load of pain to boot.  And yet……….I never missed a workout.  As far as my diet – I did the best thing I could think of given my physical constraints – I made the Virgin Diet Smoothie.  I wasn’t perfect.  I have peanut butter (on a spoon) and I had honey in my tea (usually have it plain).  I wasn’t perfect but I didn’t give up.  I didn’t use my condition as an excuse.  And I have to ask myself – why? Why do I keep pushing? Why is losing weight so important to me? Why do I keep showing up every day (as promised) to blog about this journey every day.  Why?

That is the theme of this week.  I want to ask myself and you, my listeners – why.  I hope to explore this question in five ways this week:

Monday- Why ask Why?   – Why do we even need to ask ourselves why?

Tuesday – Why is Losing Weight So Important to Me?

Wednesday – Why Your Weight Loss Success Is So Important to Me

Thursday – Why do I blog about losing weight?

Friday – Why should you (maybe) blog about losing weight

So today –  Why do we even need to ask ourselves why? 

hmmm_meI know that sounds like a loaded question – why ask why?  🙂  I’m not trying to be funny.  I am saying that before we come up with good reasons to pursue our goals we have to ask ourselves why do we need reasons?  Because when we make a goal and we set to working on it suddenly we will find ourselves in the midst of a pool of obstacles.  Suddenly everything in the world is in our way.  There are a million reasons why we can’t get started or why we have to delay or push the pause button.  Steven Pressfield calls this “The Resistance.”

In his book, The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles , he delves into this idea of what causes us to  delay our dreams, and procrastinate on the tasks that will help us accomplish our goals.  He calls this force, The Resistance.  The Resistance wants us to focus on the day to day and to not explore the extraordinary.  The Resistance feeds off of our fear.   So, I ask you, what are our fears when it comes to losing weight?

Our fear of failure – we might start losing weight and then gain it back and oh, what will people say then. It will be so shameful.

Our fear of being looked at differently – If  I start changing my eating habits and getting more active, my friends and family will think I’m acting differently and treat me differently

Our fear of looking differently  – As a skinny person, people will notice me more, and treat me differently

And the Biggest One – Fear of Success – I might lose weight and be skinny forever………………and then what?  (we’ll come back to this in detail for sure!)

In the War of Art, Pressfield makes such a compelling case for how strong the Resistance is that I feel like before we can even begin to succeed at such a worthy goal as reaching our optimal health and ideal weight – we must first ask ourselves – Why.

You have to have a strong list of reasons why this goal is so important to you.  You have to clearly define what you are fighting for and why you are fighting for it.  Because every time an obstacle comes up, and I promise you, many obstacles will come up – you have go back to your list of why.  You have to ask yourself – why am I doing this? What made me start reaching for this goal in the first place? And why must I never quit?  Why, why, why?

You have to have your list of whys.  I am asking you why now so that later, when you are faced with challenge after challenge, obstacle after obstacle – you will be armed with your Whys.

Your Why is your fuel. 

Your Why is Your arsenal. 

Your Why is your money in the  bank. 

It’s the only thing you need to keep you on task.  A strong, undeniable – WHY. 

Sleep on that.  Tomorrow I’ll tell you my whys.


Today’s Menu:

Breakfast – Virgin Diet Smoothie; 1 cup of tea with honey

Lunch – Virgin Diet Smoothie; 2 teaspoons of peanut butter; 1 cup of tea with honey

2 cups of tea with honey

After work – 1 yogurt; 2 teaspoons of peanut butter; 1/4 cup of chia pudding

Dinner – Virgin Die Smoothie

Dessert – chocolate/raspberry sorbet;  cup of tea


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