Don’t Let Traveling Deter You from Your Weight Loss Goals!

BODY REVOLUTION  (Day 43-49, October 22-27, 2015)

plane in flight

My apologies for being a little absentee.   I was out of town but this post covers those days. I got home yesterday and then I had to play catchup at work.

I visited my little brother this past weekend and had an absolute ball!  Thanks little bro! We went to a real estate seminar and left feeling so pumped about our life and our goals, it was awesome.

As you know, I am still in the midst of the 90-Day Body Revolution Challenge and I was super nervous about getting my workouts in and eating right during this trip.  


I texted my brother throughout the week to make sure that he had a laptop that could accommodate dvds so that I could play my videos.  Second, when I got to his house I had him take me straight to Wal-Mart to buy hand weights so that I could do my workout.  Two thoughts on this:

  1. If you don’t damage the weights, you can return them without any issue. Walmart and Target are super easy about stuff like that.  Just save your receipt or you’ll have to accept store credit!
  2. If you don’t return them, consider this – The weights cost me $42 b/c I got 3 sets – 10,5, and 3 – you could opt to get only two pair and suffer through the 1 or 2 exercises where you need that light pair or you can just consider the value of not missing your workouts. At Day 44 of 90 – I considered it pretty freakin’ priceless. Definitely worth $42!

So, then we went to the grocery store and I got eggs and avocado (he already had turkey bacon) and I got some healthy snacks to take with me to the seminar. You never want to be stuck in a conference in a hotel without your own snacks b/c inevitably they will offer you donuts and bagels and cream cheese – No Bueno.  So I got bananas and almonds and grapes.  They came in handy SO MUCh, let me tell you!  I was so happy about those purchases.

banana almonds

We went out to eat twice – once I got seafood at an Italian restaurant, using my lessons learned from dining out during the Virgin Diet.  The next night we went to a Japanese place where they make the stir fry in front of you – so fun!  They made a volcano of the onion with lava from soy sauce!

The chef caught me a little off guard and put enough fried rice on that plate for 4 people!  I was like, what? No Cauliflower “Fried” rice?  Come on! 🙂  But I controlled myself and I left more than half on my plate and did a doggie bag for my brother.

stir fry

As for the workouts twice I woke up and got the workout done before class so I didn’t have to worry about it. One night, my brother had to work a high school football game (he’s an athletic trainer) so we got back super late and I didn’t want to be groggy for our class so I opted for an evening workout.  And once again I proved why it’s better to do your workouts in the early A.M.  I spent so much of the day thinking about how I had to get that workout in that night.  So much better to be done with it.  But Sunday I got up and did the workout and class was over at 2:30 pm so I was super happy to have nothing to do the rest of the day but hang out with my brother.

me_working out

Monday I got the reward of having a day off from the workouts.  Gotta love that day off!

So that’s what’s been going on the past few days but I wanted to share some of my traveling strategies with you and how it all went down.  I was super nervous about going home for Thanksgiving because that will be my last week of the Body Revolution and now that I’ve had this experience I am feeling super confident about being able to rock it out that last week!

Nothing can stop us when we decide to truly make our goals the most important thing!  Stay focused!

Do you have any travel tips you’ve found successful? I’d love to hear about them.  Check out this article from the Fitness Fashionista about traveling and staying fit!   Check it out:

My eating these past five days:


Breakfast – Virgin Diet Smoothie

Lunch – Virgin Diet Smoothie with banana

Snack – Coconut cultured milk “yogurt”

Dinner – Smoked Chicken leg/thigh quarter – no skin; sautéed spinach (2 cups)

Dessert  – Laura’s Wholesome Snacks – chocolate and oatmeal – 2 servings (4 small bites)



Breakfast – 2 Eggs and half of an avocado

Lunch – Virgin Diet Smoothie with banana

Dinner – Virgin Diet Smoothie – I made sure that I drank this on the way to the airport so that I wouldn’t have a late night dinner when I got to my brother’s house


Breakfast – 2 eggs with spinach;  ¼ avocado; 2 strips of turkey bacon; 1 cup of grapes

Lunch – Falafel – this was weird b/c it was a salad but I was nervous about the salad dressing even though they told me it was vegan so I ate only the falafel balls in the salad – like 4 large ones

Snack – almonds – 2 servings (240 calories) and a banana

Dinner – Almonds – 2 servings – I went to watch my brother work the football game so I didn’t get a chance to eat dinner.  I had the almonds and some grapes to keep me until the next morning. It worked out!


Breakfast – 2 eggs with spinach;  ¼ avocado; 2 strips of turkey bacon; 1 cup of grapes

Snack – Banana

Lunch – Panera Bread – Apple Fuji Chicken Salad with no cheese

Snack – almonds  (1 serving)

Dinner – Italian Restaurant – Salmon and veggies over angel hair pasta – normally I would ask them to substitute spinach for past and there was a lot of back and forth on that but I got the pasta b/c I didn’t have any carbs all day except for the fruit so I figured I had the room in carbs and calories to a lot for that – and it was on the “light menu” so I knew the calorie count was 461 calories “as-is” and that included feta cheese – which I did have them eliminate b/c of my allergy- Yeah!


Breakfast – 2 eggs with spinach;  ¼ avocado; 2 strips of turkey bacon; 1 cup of grapes

Snack – Banana

Lunch – Chicken Soup – there were no noodles in this soup, how is that possible? How do you serve Chicken Soup without Noodles? Granted, they didn’t say Noodles in the title but I just assumed!  Anyway- that left me mad hungry!

Snack – almonds (2 servings); Banana

Dinner – Japanese stir fry – shrimp, chicken, fried rice  – so good!  They had a sauce with it and I just dipped like 3 shrimp in it rather than doing what everyone else at the table did which was pour it all over their rice. Not this girl!  I know when to save my calories!


Breakfast – Virgin Diet Smoothie – super late after I got off the plane and  before that I had grapes and the last of the almonds. That little packet lasted me the entire trip! (6 servings in the bag, 120 cal each – not bad)

Lunch – Virgin Diet Smoothie

Dinner – Smoked chicken leg/thigh quarter, no skin; one cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk; Zoe’s braised white beans and roasted vegetables – so good!



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