Treat Yo’self! 5 ways to Enjoy Yourself this Valentines Day without Candy!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!  or as I like to refer to is – Treat Yo’self Day!  This post is for everyone who wants to show themselves a little love this Valentine’s day regardless of whether or not you have someone special to share the day with. We all have someone special to say “I love you” to – ourselves!
So often Valentines day is associated with an endless supply of chocolate, candy, and dining out.  But there are plenty of ways to show yourself a little love without food being the main ingredient.
So here is a list of 5 ways to Treat Yo’self!

  1. Get a massage! Nothing says I love you like treating your body to a decadent hour of someone else massaging out all that stress and overwhelm we carry with us all the time. Let it go! Treat Yo’self!
  2. Dance it out! Call some of your best friends for a dance party. No candy, drinks, no food, just two hours of good ole’ fun dancing wildly to your favorite tines. Crank it up and let your freak flags fly! No shame, no competition,  just feel the groove and get your dance on!  
  3. Go to a concert! Find a concert with someone who can really belt it out, like Adele-style.  Such a wonderful, loving thing to do – sit and enjoy beautiful singing.   Sure, this can be a little pricey but hey, you’re trying to say “I love you” to the most important person – you.  So………Treat Yo’self! 
  4. Mani/Pedi – Our hands and feet work so hard for us everyday, typing, cooking , walking , etc. Nothing says I love you like a good hour taken out of your day to pamper your hands and feet. They deserve love too. And hey be festive with it, get some bold red polish in those puppies!  
  5. Go see a movie! In my town, Tuesday nights are super cheap movie nights.   I love to ditch work a little early and hit a 4pm movie. I feel a little bad and that’s part of the fun.  And sitting in the theater alone, locked away for a good two hours, shut off from the rest of the world can be a real treat! And guess what? This year,  Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday!!! Bingo! I’m all over that!    Because of the ditching work element, this is a double “Treat Yo’self!”
So remember,  Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to cost you your healthy eating goals. There are plenty of non-food related activities you can partake in, with or without a date and they all say “I love you”  to the most important person in your life – You. Cheers!
How many of you are planning on a healthy, food free Valentine’s Day? Any ideas you want to share? Let us know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Treat Yo’self! 5 ways to Enjoy Yourself this Valentines Day without Candy!

  1. Mel says:

    I’m on day 15 of my virgin diet. The only thing I’ve cut is coffee. I’ve modified it a little (had a cup on Saturday and Sunday). I definitely see changes. The biggest thing is finding other coping choices ( within me). I’m contemplating extending beyond 21 days.

    • FoodLove Girl says:

      Yeah, the biggest ah-hah moment for me eas realizing that I have the power to stop eating or drinking things I thought I “had to have”. So after coffee, it’a like, what else? Let’s find out. We can replace every food addiction with a nonfood addiction because it was really never about the food at all. It was about the feeling we attsched to the food. So identify the feelings you desire and then go find them somewhere else outside of your kitchen. Congrats in the no coffee. Onward and upward!

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