Uncovering the Truth About My Emotional Eating

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I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately.  I’m talking about deep down, tear wrenching, where-the-hell-did-it-all-go-wrong kind of searching.   And I’ve made some pretty page-turning discoveries about myself and my past.

First off let me say, that I do not believe in coincidences.  Furthermore, I am religious, and I do believe that God helps those that help themselves.  More specifically, I believe that God gives me the tools that I need when I’ve shown that I’m ready for them and He presents these tools in a specific order.  This post is about the blessings that I have witnessed lately during my weight loss journey.

Today I just want to talk about how I found the time and space in my life to begin to allow my mind to think and uncover some deeply hidden truths about my past and how those truths relate to my compulsion to overeat.

Right around the beginning of Ramadan of this year, I started reading a book called, The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM)by Hal Elrod. This book was a very quick and enjoyable read but it had what I like to refer  to as simple genius. I didn’t make that term up but I use that term to describe anything that is a really simple idea but it has been packaged and presented in a way that makes so much sense it’s just genius! And that’s what this book was for me. The book talks about quite simply, getting up earlier than you normally do and making a purposeful plan to use that time to work on your own personal development.

You’ve heard me mention on this blog several times how much of a proponent I am for early morning workouts. I feel like when you workout in the morning you have a higher success rate over the long haul in keeping that habit up because no matter what happens throughout the day you’ve protected you workout. Well, Hal Elrod basically takes this idea and puts it on steroids.

Hal discusses how this early morning routine he devised completely changed his life and got him really focused on becoming the best version of his self. My favorite description of this process is when he says “you will feel like you did when you were a child on Christmas morning. Every morning will be Christmas morning.” Now this is especially important coming from me because I didn’t even celebrate Christmas as a child and yet after a little over 3 months of practicing this morning routine, I whole-heartedly agree.

Going back to the early morning workout example – I used to, and I’m sure many will agree with me, I used to feel so accomplished when at 8:00 am I would go off to work and have my workout behind me. I would always think to myself,

“Wow, it’s only 8:00 am, look how much I’ve already done and I feel like I have even more energy to go continue my day!”

Now with the Miracle Morning, I’m like,

“Wow, I feel like I’ve had a full day already and it’s only 8:20 am in the morning. Hot damn! This is going to be a freaking awesome day!”  

And then after each day feeling like that you start to go to bed super excited about getting up early to have another Miracle Morning. You feel like a little kid who can’t wait to go to bed to get up the next morning to see what presents are under the tree. You’re thinking to yourself, “what insights will I learn about myself tomorrow morning? How much more calmness and peace can I achieve in my mediations tomorrow? How much further can I push myself in my workouts tomorrow?” You’re giddy at the possibilities. It truly feels like a miracle.

So, I read this book in like the first two days of Ramadan, and in the book Hal asks the reader to please just try this for 30 days before you dismiss it as hogwash. And even though I really was already on board, again because I instantly related this idea to what I already knew about working out, I said, okay, 30 days. And it was perfect for me because Ramadan is 30 days and I was already planning on getting up 3 hours earlier than my normal time – so perfect timing!

Over the course of the 30 days, nothing short of a miracle happened. The steps that Hal lists are called the Life S.A.V.E.R.S. which give you the framework for your miracle mornings.

S = Silence

A = Affirmations

V = Visualization

E = Exercise

R= Reading

S= Scribing

The journal that you keep for this “scribing” period will soon become its own form of guidance as you start to piece together all your thoughts and feelings about your past and how it has contributed to who you are today.

So, that’s where I was at the end of Ramadan and that’s where the start of uncovering my truths about my emotional eating really began to develop. Once I allowed this time for myself, this time to think, and explore, I really opened myself up to stuff I simply didn’t have time to ponder.

And how could I not have time for it?

How can I say that weight loss is my number one goal and then not give myself the time to explore why it hasn’t been sticking? What’s going on inside of me that keeps me from being successful at keeping the weight off time and time again? I really had to stop and create the time and space to think on these questions and that’s what Miracle Morning did for me.

When you read the book and hear his story, you will really understand why this practice can make all the difference in the world. Hal’s personal story tells it best. For some time now I’ve been reading many books and most recently listening to many podcasts about successful people and what they do in their personal lives and one of the recurring themes is that they have these very disciplined, intentional morning routines.

One thing I’ve noticed, at least for me, is that I can hear something again and again but then one person takes that issue and really sits down and unpacks it and explains why it’s so important and at that moment – all the previous instances when I heard about the idea in bits and pieces all come together. That’s what happened for me with Hal Elrod’s book. He really did a great job of unpacking the importance of having an intentional morning routine.

And now I believe that for all of my listeners it is imperative that you read this and think about how you can create your own morning routine too so that you can sit with your thoughts and think about your life and start to figure out what’s been really going on with you all these years that has led to this difficult history with overeating and struggling with weight loss. I truly believe that the answers are already within you but you have to create some time and space for yourself so that you can really get to the bottom of it. That’s what Miracle Mornings have done for me and I know they will do the same for you. So please join me in doing this. You must read this book.  It will change your mornings which will change your life.

If you’d like to see a detailed run-down of my Miracle Morning routine, click here.

If you already have done this and have experienced or begun to experience the revelations about your past the way that I have, please tell me about them. I am so curious about this topic. I would love to hear about your journey. What’s your morning routine? How have you applied it to your weight loss journey? What results have you seen?

I struggled these past few days with my eating:

My Eating on Thursday, went like this:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 strips of turkey bacon, ¼ of an avocado

2 cups of coffee

Lunch: Grilled chicken with

Snack: apple

Dinner: steak with steamed spinach and braised lentils; unsweetened almond milk

Dessert: Laura’s wholesome bitelettes (4) (chocolate/oatmeal); chocolate mint tea


Friday’s eating, or should I say gorging (so much food!):

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 strips of turkey bacon, ¼ avocado

Snack – apple

Lunch – Virgin Diet Smoothie; coconut cultured yogurt with granola; 2.5 servings of pop crisps; handful of nuts; ¼ cup of granola with almond milk; olives with hummus

Dinner – 1 fried chicken wing (I know! Why?!!); Laura’s wholesome bitelettes (4); hot tea

Saturday’s eating:

Breakfast: 2 eggs; 2 strips of turkey bacon; ¼ avocado; 1 cup of grapes

2 cups of coffee

Lunch – yogurt with granola; vegetable soup with 2 grilled chicken sausages; 1 serving of pop crisps

Snack – grapes

Dinner – grilled salmon with grilled vegetables

Desert – Laura’s Wholesome Bite-lettes (4) (chocolate/oatmeal)

Sunday’s eating:

Breakfast: 2 eggs; 2 strips of turkey bacon; ¼ of avocado; 1 pear

2 cups of coffee

Lunch – 3 mini wraps – turkey and salsa

Snack – large honey crisp apple

Dinner – smoked turkey; olives with hummus; grapes; vegetable soup

Dessert – Laura’s Wholesome Bite-lettes (3) (chocolate/oatmeal)


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