5 Ways To Use Visualization for Weight Loss!

Visualization for Weight Loss – Sometimes it’s as easy as closing your eyes…..

visualization for weight loss

So, as I’ve mentioned a few times before I have this awesome morning routine that I got from , the book, The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.  This book, as promised by the author, has made all of my mornings feel like Christmas morning.  One of the things I do in my morning is  I use visualization for weight loss.

If you are a subscriber to my email list then you’ve gotten a list of the Daily Affirmations I do as part of my Miracle Morning.  A lot these affirmations are focused on my biggest goal – trying to lose the weight.

Today I wanted to share with you another part of my Miracle Morning that I use to help me lose weight – Visualization.  Every morning as part of my routine I practice visualization and I have several ways that  this exercise helps me to lose weight.  So, here are 5 ways that you might try to use visualization to help you achieve your weight loss goals.


  1.  I visualize the upcoming day.  I think about all of the meals I plan to eat and the activities I know I have planned, such as meetings at work or other appointments. I also try to anticipate any times of the day that might present obstacles for me sticking to my eating plan.  Any stressful meetings or empty blocks of time and then I picture how I might deal with that.  Sometimes just visualizing yourself going through the steps is all you need to prepare yourself for success.  For your everyday living, this is a great way to use visualization for weight loss.
  2. I storyboard any upcoming social event. If I have a big social event coming up in the next few months or so, I might dedicate some of my Miracle Morning time to Storyboarding.  In the right circumstances, storyboarding can be a great way to use visualization for weight loss. This is an exercise I learned from my time with Weight Watchers.  This is an exercise where you visualize the event and you walk yourself through it and picture yourself eating healthy throughout the event.  So if it’s a big party. you might picture yourself getting in your workout for the day early or even doing an extra 30 minutes of cardio in preparation for a slightly higher calorie day than normal.  Then you might picture yourself eating a big healthy salad before the party to curb your hunger.  Then you might picture yourself scheduling time to go to the store to pick up a fruit or veggie tray to take with you to the party so that you can be sure to have some healthy choices at the party.  You know they will be there – because you brought them!  Then you might picture yourself indulging in something small – one slice of cake  or one brownie.  But you will visualize eating or drinking that one thing and enjoying it and then moving on . And most importantly you’ll envision yourself engaging fully in the social activities of the party. Laughing with friends, playing in the games, singing Karaoke – whatever it is – envision yourself fully participating not being an “eating spectator” because after all, that is why you went in the first place. visualize my after clothes
  3. Visualize the “after” clothes.  Okay, so on this blog I talk a lot about how you have to have a bigger “why” than just wearing your skinny jeans again – or ever.  And I stand by that statement.  In order to lose all the weight and keep it off for good, your reason has got to be bigger than looking good in a pair of jeans.  Ultimately.  However,  if it is one of your tools, I think it can help to picture yourself in those new jeans, with a smile on your face.  The new jeans can’t be the end and be all but they can be a treat.  Especially when you consider that you are replacing your “food treats” with other options like, – skinny jeans.  That is healthy, that is okay.  So try picturing yourself in your new clothes, happy, thinner, living a fuller life.visualize my time
  4. I visualize my time.  I have no idea how much time over the years I’ve spent, dieting, thinking about dieting, planning to diet, exercising, thinking about exercising, planning to exercise as I’m overeating.  What a colossal waste of time.  And lately I’ve been thinking about how much time I will have back when I’ve finally got my overeating under control.  When we thinking about living this fuller life, I hope that we are thinking about using our time in the best way possible – and I assure you, that activity is not – overeating.  One of my daily affirmations is:  I do not overeat because to overeat slows me down and keeps me from doing all of the great things I have to do on the wonderful earth with this one precious life. visualize a lighter step
  5. I visualize the feeling of a lighter step. Lately, I’ve been thinking back to 2010 – the last time I lost 30 lbs.  And I’ve been trying to get back that feeling of “lightness” I remember feeling lighter, walking lighter, like my step was lighter, sort of like walking on air but in reality is was that i was carrying around less weight.  And I loved that feeling.  I also remember my stomach being insanely flat even in the middle of the day after I’d eaten.  And I loved that feeling. Loved, loved, loved it!   So I’ve been spending time in the morning closing my eyes trying to recapture that feeling and remembering how great i felt, how awesome it was to feel that way everyday and wanting it so badly now – using that as my inspiration to eat well today.  I think this might be my favorite way to use visualization for weight loss.

I hope this helps you as you make your plans for the day tomorrow to eat well and eat within your means.  Don’t overeat.  We have so many awesome things to do instead of overeat.  I know it’s hard but visualizing yourself not eating can sort of train your brain to actually do it one day.  I believe in all of us and our ability to strong and train our thoughts to work for us instead of against us.  We got this!   Let’s go!

Do you have any cool visualizations you think might help a fellow overeater? I’m sure our community would love to hear about them!  Please share in the comments!

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