Weekend Wars

Weekends are by far the hardest times for me to control how much I eat.  I’m not at work and the days are free (no baby yet!). TOO FREE.  I think that I associate meal planning and monitoring with being on a schedule and I don’t want to be on a schedule.  So this page is where I will discuss my hardest times – the weekends.  To that end I’ve titled this particular struggle “The Weekend Wars”.  Every Sunday night/Monday I will post how the past weekend went and things I did to try to stay on target with my calories and overall eating plan.  Most importantly, I am dedicating an entire section of this blog to staying accountable on the weekends.  It is too easy for me to skip logging into my fitbit and act like what I ate Friday night – Sunday night didn’t happen.  But no more!  My war with the weekends begins now!  Stay tuned!


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