What To Do and Not To Do When You Overeat!


You should never try to undo a bad eating day in one day.  What do I mean?  First off, I overate yesterday.  Disclaimer:  Actually I overate on Tuesday and Wednesday as well but that was more about miscalculating the addition of the spaghetti (Damn, that gluten!).  But I want to focus on Thursday because Thursday was straight up overeating.

So, Today-Friday, my initial thought was: I’ll try to eat way less” – because in my head I was thinking pure math – if I was aiming for 1400 calories yesterday and I overshot by 300 calories then today I should only eat 1100.  In theory that works.  IN THEORY.

But this blog is about reality.  And in reality if we try to overcorrect a bad eating day the very next day – in one day – we end up sabotaging our efforts much more.  First off, I didn’t change my workouts. I still did Kettlebells in my CardioSculpt class this morning.  One time one of my fellow classmates monitored her calorie burn during that workout and estimated 600 calories were burned.  So by 7 am this morning I was already at a deficit of 600 calories.  If I had aimed for 1100 calories today then I would only really have 500 calories to work with.  So if I had done that – one of two things would’ve happened – either I wouldn’t made it and by 9:00 pm tonight  I would go into that pantry and start eating whatever was in sight.  OR I would make it until tomorrow and then wake up and start overeating throughout the entire WEEKEND.  NO Bueno.

Better to chalk up Thursday to a slightly high day  and consider the reasons why that may have happened.  Possible reasons why I overate yesterday:

  1. I was in the field for work – it was hot, I was dehydrated and when I got home I drank a lot of unsweetened almond milk because it had more substance than water and I was hungry and dehydrated.  That milk is only 40 calories per cup but I probably had 4 cups so that’s 160 calories extra in my normal eating plan.
  2. I confused dehydration with hunger and I ate two apples back to back instead of letting that water and almond milk have a chance to get into my system
  3. I had a night meeting planned and I hadn’t made a plan for whether or not to eat beforehand so I sort of did both.  I ate some roasted sweet potatoes before the meeting but then the meeting ended early and I got home early enough to have a regular dinner and had another serving of roasted sweet potatoes instead of just the meat/veggies that I planned.  In my head, I would’ve been fine with just the meat /veggies if it were late at night but since it was only 7:30 I kind of let the thought go out the window.  J

It can be hard to bounce back after a day of overeating but hey- shit happens.  What I like to focus on to help me get over it is the types of food I am overeating on – compared to what I used to overeat on.  Over the years that list has improved tremendously – and right now it’s at its optimal.  I had too many apples and some extra sweet potatoes yesterday.  Seriously? I’m gonna jump off a ledge over an extra apple? Uh – no.   It’s going to be okay.  I will burn that off.  It’s fine.

We will always have setbacks in our diets and our workouts because it’s called life.  It happens.  How we react to those setbacks is really what we should be focusing on because that will determine out ultimate success.   So, let’s focus on eating just enough and when we go beyond that, let’s take a breath, smile at our progress in spite of that day, and carry on.

Have you guys had trouble after a day of overeating? Has it been hard to bounce back? Let me know. I’d love to talk it through with you.  Trust me!  I’ve been there!

Thursday’s eating  went like this:

5:05 am – woke up

6-7:30 am – Bikram yoga; 16.9 oz. of water

8:00 am – Breakfast – Virgin Diet Shake

9:00 – 3:30 pm – Out in the heat all day!!  –  Sipped about 16.9 oz. of water throughout that period – Didn’t want to stop until lunch

1:00 pm – Lunch – Virgin Diet Shake – Like the Rock Star I strive to be! I brought a cooler with my shake in it and drank it while sitting with my coworker at a Chick-fil-A.   Like a Boss!   (p.s. she actually had a pretty healthy meal of salad with grilled chicken but I didn’t want any surprises so I came prepared)

3:30 pm – got home, so tired and hungry and thirsty.  2 apples; 3 cups of almond milk; 16.9 oz. of water; 1 cup of roasted sweet potatoes

5:15-7:30 pm – Night meeting for work – This Day would not end!

8:00 pm – Dinner – Grilled steak (4 oz.); 1 cup of roasted sweet potato; 2 cups of sautéed kale and way to generous with the olive oil; 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk

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