Why Your Weight Loss Success Is So Important To Me


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There is no set program that works for everybody.  There is no one perfect way to lose weight.  At the heart of it all, sure – it’s calories in is less than calories out.  But  the ways in which we each approach that simple little formula are almost infinite.  And so, that brings me to why it is so important to me that you lose weight.

Because the overeaters of the world, myself included, need as many stories as we can get.

As I write on this blog, I think to myself that someone out there might read this and pick up a tip or too.  Or better yet, they might relate to me.  They might find a friend in me.  A war buddy in this weight loss battle.  I am here to lose weight and to share my struggle with whoever might be able to learn from it.  My story is one of many and it is my hope that my story can help just one person.  I hope it helps more.  But if I can just help one person lose weight, if I can make their journey a little easier and a little quicker than mine  – then it is vital that I share my story.  I owe it to that one person.

But I am learning too.  I am reading other blogs too.  And I am hoping that someone else will share their story and help me too.  I’ve been on this journey for 20 years.  Throughout this journey I have learned many things about nutrition and weight loss but I have never learned it all from one source.  My library of resources is vast – from programs, to books, to individual people on blogs.  I use it all and I make it my own. I am learning to take what works for me and apply it to my life.  My weight loss journey is unique and it is my own  but it can still be helpful to others.  Your weight loss journey is unique too but it can still be helpful to others.

So when I root for you, it’s a little selfish because your victory could help me.  Your victory reminds me that it is possible to accomplish this goal.  Every pound that I see you lose reminds me that it’s possible.  Every time I see you fail and then get back up on that horse to ride again – it reminds me – This can be done!  This is not impossible!  Every overeater out there owes it to every other overeater out there to share their story and help each other.  We all need ideas and tips. We all need support.  We all need to know that we are not alone.

This is why your weight loss success is so important to me.

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Breakfast – Virgin Diet Smoothie

2 cups of tea with almond milk

Lunch – Virgin Diet Smoothie (Tropical – I’ll get into this tomorrow)

DInner – Can you guess – Ugh!  Virgin Diet Smoothie (Tropical-ish)

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