Will 2018 Be the Year that You Finally Lose the Weight?

Is this your year? Are you finally going to lose all the weight this year?  And more importantly, will you keep it off? What’s it gonna take to make 2018 the year?
I don’t know if it’s your year or not but I plan on making sure that I do everything in my power to help you and support you in this goal.  One thing I know for sure, we won’t get there by dieting.
No new diets in 2018.  You hear me?  NO. NEW.  DIETS.
no new diets in 2018; 2018 is your year to finally lose weight
Instead, we need to focus on our WHY.  We’ve got to get way more specific about WHY we want to lose weight.  What do we think we will gain by losing?  How will our lives be different?  Let’s make that list together.  And then………….go after those things.  No more waiting on the weight.  Let’s go.  Right now.  Let’s make the changes in the other parts of our lives that we want to see, right now.
If we do that.  If we REALLY focus on that, I know that we’ll also see that weight come right off as a result.
What you focus on expands.  IF you obsess about your weight, you will gain weight.  But if you obsess about getting the life of your dreams, then you will get a pretty fantastic life.
Does this mean I’m not gonna talk about food ever again?  No. Of course not.  Because for me, eating great food is part of living a fantastic life.  But that’s just it.  “Great Food”.  What is that?  It’s not junk food.  It’s not food that makes me sick.  It’s not food that slows me down and makes me want to sleep and watch tv all day.  No.  It’s nutrient dense, super flavorful, REAL food.  Whole Food.  So that’s what we’ll talk about.  we’ll talk about nutrition in it’s simplest form – how to get it, how to eat it, how to afford it, etc.
I have two goals for this blog and its readers in 2018.  The 1st is to focus on Simplicity. 

In fact, “Simple” is my new theme word for 2018.  It will be the focus of my entire year.  I want all of us to get the life we dream about and deserve but I also want us to get it with ease.  It shouldn’t be a struggle.  I’m not saying we won’t have to work hard for what we want .  But working hard is different from struggling and fighting an uphill battle.
This year I’m all about getting rid of anything and everything in our lives that isn’t serving us.  Only then can we make room for something new.  We must declutter our lives in order to lighten up.  So much of our excess weight is about holding on to stuff that doesn’t serve us.  Let 2018 be about giving up all of that excess stuff (and your weight in the process).
My second focus of 2018 is to focus on the NOW.  What can we do today to make ourselves happy enough that we don’t feel like numbing out with food even though we’re still in the same job we hate, we still don’t have the guy we want, and we’re still in the same size pants. How do we rise above all the we WISH WE HAD and be happy about what we have right now.  Is it a study of gratefulness?  Perhaps.  But there’s much more to it than that.  And I want us to dig deep into this topic as well in 2018.  How can we feel completely satisfied with our lives today even while we are in the process of making it better?  That is the question.
To start the new year off right, I want to give you the new 2018 “weight loss” rules.  When I first started doing this these rules were all about dieting and restricting.  But each year they become less and less about food and eating less and more and more about joy and LIVING MORE.  Some rules stand the test of time and you’ll see them repeated each year.  Others are new lessons from the year before.
Here are my “weight loss” rules for 2018.
1.  Sleep is everything.  No less than 7 hours of sleep every day is the goal no matter what.
2.  Exercise is a very fluid idea.  Move, move, move.  Don’t get hung up on the type of exercise just get hung up on the action and the goal of doing some of it every. single. day.
3.  Use your hands to create something as often as you can.  There is so much joy in simply making something.  Doesn’t matter what it is, what it’s for, just make something for the sake of creation.  This will enrich your life.
4.   Aim to eat leafy greens at every meal.  I made this rule in 2015.  Best decision ever.  All is right in your world when your digestion is at it’s optimal health.  This rule will help you get there.
5.  Consider edible desserts a weekend luxury.  And remember, just because it’s allowed on the weekends doesn’t mean you have to eat it on the weekends.  (p.s. Alcohol is dessert too!)
6.   Discover non-edible desserts every day all day. When you treat yourself all day long, you have less of a need to top the day off with a chocolate-y dessert.
7.  Be a Food Snob.  Independent of it’s nutritional value or it’s high caloric content, we only eat that which is utterly superb.  Only the best of the best will touch our lips.
8.   Don’t dine alone.  As often as possible share your meal with someone who’s company you enjoy.
9.  When it’s time to eat, it’s time to eat.  And nothing else.  No more multi-tasking through your meals!  Take a moment and savor the food. Your to-do list can wait.
10.  Work on your dreams every single day. No matter how small the task, do at least one small thing to move closer to your dreams every single day.
11.  Be very very picky about what you put on your to-do list. Less Is More. The less we have to do, the less likely we are to be stressed and the less likely we are to stress eat.
12,  Dress to feel as beautiful and as comfortable as you possibly can every single day.  (yes you can have both comfort and beauty together!)
Additionally, I think the best way to get started in the new year is to do a soulful reflection of the year past. To that end I’ve compiled a list of my favorite quotes from last year’s posts that highlight what I think matters most in this weight loss journey of ours.  I invite you to take some time and re-read the posts that these quotes came from in preparation for an awesome new year.
1.  (a rewrite of a quote from Deion Sanders) “When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you want to eat good. When you eat good you play good. When you play good, you live good.”   The Simplest Thing You Can Do To Lose Weight in 2018 All Year Long 
2.   “I’m sad for all the moments of joy that I stole from myself when I was consumed by my weight obsession instead of being 100% in the moment but I’m grateful for new found growth.”  I’m Gonna Love You Like I’m Gonna Lose You
3. “your life should be more interesting than your lunch” (quote from Sarah Jenks at Live More Weigh Less)  10 Do’s and Don’ts to Help You Change Your Relationship With Food
4.  “We have to remember that we were born with the natural instincts to eat the right foods, in the right amounts, under the right circumstances, and in fact it is our developing brains that are, in this case, actually a disservice. ”  4 Things My Newborn Baby Taught Me About My Relationship With Food
5.  “For years I hated my body. Or I lied and I told myself I loved my body underneath all the fat.  But loving something only after it’s perfect is not really love at all.”   How Pregnancy Taught Me To Love My Body
6. “Worrying about my weight was almost never about being healthy.”   Will God Want To Talk To Me About My Weight on Judgement Day? 
7.   “I want us to figure out a way to end our obsession with food by replacing it with an obsession for living. I want us all to fall  in love with our lives.”   Why I’m Still Hibernating and Why You Should Too (Plus 8 goals for 2017)
8. “Our clutter is another way of holding on. It provides a false sense of security, just like our weight.” Could Decluttering Help You Lose Weight?  
I can’t wait to dive deeper into this idea of a simple but more pleasurable life with a lot less weight to boot!  Let me know what you plan to focus on in this new year. Leave a comment below.  Happy New Year!

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