Will God Want to Talk About My Weight on Judgement Day?

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Will God Want to Talk About My Weight on Judgement Day?

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That is the question that popped in my head this morning.  In my religion we believe that there will be a judgement day at the end of it all and on that day there will be an accounting of all of our good and bad deeds on this earth that will ultimately lead to our final destination – heaven or hell.  And I wondered this morning – On Judgement Day, would the discussion of my weight be on the table?

I believe that God would not care about my weight, given all the other things we would have to discuss and all the other people in line.  God ain’t got no time for that!

I think instead what might be on the table is the discussion of time wasted.  I think that is a definitely possibility.  And so in that discussion quite possibly God will want to talk to me about how much time I wasted worrying about my weight.

I could’ve been helping more people.

I could’ve been learning more and creating more.

There is a lot “more” to be done with the time I have spent worrying about my weight. 

And to what end?

Skinny or Fat, am I able to help people any more or less?

I guess there’s an argument about being healthy in order to be the best version of your best self in order to be able to have the most energy to do the most good. But come on, who’s kidding who?  Worrying about my weight was almost never about being healthy.  In fact, in the last 10 years I would’ve classified myself as “healthy fat” – eating well 85% of the time but just eating too much.  2000 calories is still 2000 calories after all.

Now I’m sure some of you are saying, “Girl, please, God’s got bigger things to worry about.  Like murderers”.  Ah yes, there’s always that easy scapegoat isn’t there?. We can always say, “well as long as I didn’t kill anyone.  I’m good”   Because we can always find someone worse than ourselves.  But then I think about a 10 year old boy who died of leukemia.  And if you  get to live to be 85 then  you got 75 more years than him.  75 years!  And what did you do with it? If all you did was waste time worrying about your weight, will God be cool with that?

Will I be  cool with that?

So I wonder, would God care to discuss my weight on this most important day, Judgement Day?

We can never really truly  know until we get there.   But I do know that on that day I don’t want to talk about my weight.  I don’t want to be sitting there on the most important day and have nothing else to talk about other than what I ate as my last meal and how many calories it had.  Fuck that.  How pathetic would that mean my life was?

I want to talk about the good deeds I did and the people I helped.

I want to talk about the the fun I had, the joy I participated in,  and the love I experienced.

That’s what I want to talk about.  So I guess I’d better get busy actually living out those feelings and stop worrying about my weight, or else we’ll have nothing interesting to talk about.

Next in line, please..

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