Workout 7 and 8 of Body Revolution: Jillian Has No Mercy!


Tuesday began week 7 of Body Revolution and it was a doozy!   I mean it’s my fault for underestimating Jillian Michaels. I know better. And yet, I thought to myself, I’ve done almost every other video she has made and I said to myself, I’ve seen her hardest videos, how much crazier could she get?

Boy was I wrong! The amount of crazy, creative torture she came up with in Workout 7 and 8 was a new type of sick and insane.  OMG!  I couldn’t even conceive of having that much pain in a workout.  It was SO hard!

I have no words, really.  All I can say……….is that I made it through. I am here writing to you and that means I’m alive.  Seriously – it was touch and go for a moment.  🙂   That which does not kill us makes us stronger, right? Jillian really loves to test that saying.

Today’s eating went like this:

Breakfast:  Virgin Diet Smoothie

Lunch: Virgin Diet Smoothie

Snack: Blueberry Coconut Cultured “Yogurt”

Dinner:  Banquet – 2 jumbo shrimp; 1 fried butternut squash (tiny); 1/4 cup of strawberries; 1/2 cup of sweet potatoes; 1/4 cup of grain ? – millet? – no idea

Dessert – 1/2 cup of grapes

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