You Don’t Have to Stick to “The Plan” ESPECIALLY If it Means Eating Less!

Sorry for the long title but I’m struggling with titles lately.


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So Monday, I had to go to my orthodontist in the middle of the day because the commute to his office is like an hour and I didn’t know how traffic was going to be. That morning I had my Virgin Diet Smoothie for breakfast and a cup of coffee to follow. I took another smoothie to work and the plan was to drink that when I got back.   I took a random back of mixed nuts/raisins that I grabbed at work and I took that with me just in case. When I got out of there I was hungry and so I ate the snack on the way home. When I got home I was back to town I was planning on going straight to the office and having the smoothie but for whatever reason by the time I got there I felt like making a pit stop at home. (The joys of living so close to work).

So I get home and I am craving a yogurt with granola. My husband buys this delicious granola and I just could not help myself. So I had like two tablespoons of the granola in a yogurt and then another tablespoon to boot. And immediately I started thinking to myself if you drink that smoothie you are going to go over for your allotted calories for the day. Note to all of you: If the words nuts and granola come up in your diet on the same day you are going to have a hard time keeping those calories down. Those are two “healthy” but high caloric foods. So beware.

Anyway, I get to work and I start working and I start thinking about how I’m feeling and I said to myself,

“You know what? I’m not really hungry anymore.”

And even though I could acknowledge that,  I still had to sit with the thought for a minute and really think about it because I had planned to drink that smoothie. That was the plan.

And that’s the focus of today’s post. You don’t have to stick to your plan when not sticking to it would actually mean more success. I had already messed up the plan by having the granola and yogurt unplanned. So to continue with the rest of the plan would have meant to go over in calories. It’s simple math but as all dieters and overeaters know, the simple math can elude us quite easily. Once I was able to establish that I was truly not hungry, I was able to make the decision to not drink the smoothie. It was such a weird concept to me – to not drink what I had planned to drink. Sure, I add on all the time.  That’s nothing new! I can always add on. But take away? What a concept! Hah!

It was a real Ah-hah moment!

So that’s my lesson for you today. We can’t  always assume that our body wants what we planned for it that day. We plan so that we’re not caught off guard but that doesn’t mean we can’t allow for modifications, ESPECIALLY when it would result in a deficit of calories for the day. Lord knows we don’t see deficits very often around here!

If you don’t feel hungry, thank God, and run with it! Don’t walk, RUN!!

Have any of you ever realized you weren’t hungry and found yourself shocked at the thought?  Drop a line and let us know.

Monday’s eating went like this:

Breakfast: Virgin Diet Smoothie – blueberries and bananas – my new favorite combo


Lunch – skipped

Snacks – lots of Snacks – Yogurt with granola; a bag of mixed nuts and raisins (190 calories); hummus with olives; mixed nuts (like 8)

Dinner – organic grilled chicken sausage; grilled boneless/skinless chicken thigh; sautéed string beans; braised lentils

Dessert – Laura’s Wholesome bites (chocolate and oatmeal)

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